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Originally Posted by Shawnee Bill View Post
Every flagman needs to watch that video several times. Learn how to position yourself to stop as much of that as possible. Probably not possible to stop the first few hits but the later hits should not have happened, a flagman in the right place could have prevented several of those hits. Not just the flagmen I know, the track officials need to do a better job of placing flagmen.

That was on live TV and it seemed to take forever for the bikes to quit coming over that jump, I was shouting at the TV for a flagman to get on top of that jump.

I never shout at the TV.

That is just the half of it. I was there and saw most of it. The fans were yelling for a red flag. You can hear the pack going over the finish line jump which is right by the start and you can still hear that everyone was still on the gas. I saw some guys (fans) jump the fence at the top of the ski jump and run on to the track and wave their arms. It was a matter of 10-20 seconds before the leaders would have been hitting that jump again.
I still get a sick feeling every time I see the video.
MA800 would be in the running for the championship if the races where 5-7 laps long. He is not afraid to go for the holeshot and fight for the lead. He just can't go the distance. If the Redbud crash did mess him up it is physical and not mental.

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