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Originally Posted by HardWorkingDog View Post
Well, cool! Say hi to the rest of the clan. That reminds me, I need to fire up my newsreader and see if it'll still jiggle bits--kinda rusty

I think WoodsChick is still kinda miffed though.

"Hi's" will be delivered. Not much to be seen at rmd even if your newsreader blows out the cobwebs and works perfectly. They seem to have really managed to kill rmd off this time.
I think Tami will get over it. I can always distract her by bringing up her telescope, or talking about riding out of the Sawtooths (Sawteeth?) with her on her hose-clamped-together Pampera, or following her out of Gifford Pinchot with her tweaked knee, or helping her out when she beat the hell out of herself at Butterfly Lake up by Stanley, or, well you get the picture. Plus, I've even replied to her reports on Cafe Husky without regard to my personal safety in posting to a Husky site while riding a GasGas. Hell, I even attended a CafeHusky ride at China Hat without a single Husky. Hopefully we'll be all right.
Tami? Still love you , lady. You know that.

Tim H
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