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Originally Posted by A. T. T-W View Post
They are considering dusting off last year's car. This is not a first for McLaren, the MP4-18 that was so problematic that they never used it, instead reverting to the MP4-17D that then became the basis for the MP4-19.

It's quite a strange course to have followed. They had a good car last year that got better as the season progressed and this being the last year of the current formula it would seem to make more sense to have continued development of the MP4-27.
I don't understand it either. I believe the McLaren was the fastest car at Sao Paolo last season.

I wonder whether, knowing that Vodaphone was going to depart, they felt they needed to dominate the field this season in order to secure a new title sponsor, and decided that the risk of a radical change was worth the potential reward?

I've read that the logistical challenges of using last season's car are enormous and aren't to be undertaken lightly.

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