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Originally Posted by JagLite View Post
I believe I have the same muffler on my street tracker.
(Emgo reverse cone 18")
They are known to be poorly packed and what there is blows out immediately.
Good to know. The muffler has a really long baffle in it - I'd like to redo the packing and shorten the baffle to make it more the size of a crumb cup, restricting flow. The tip screws on, but I think the baffle is welded in, which really sucks.

Anyway, had a 0820 appointment at the DMV today. At high RPM on the backside of Coronado Bridge the bike sputtered a little, then died. Luckily, it was the backside and I was able to coast clear of it. A nice fellow Sailor stopped and offered a ride, which was cool, but I passed thinking I might be able to figure it out, or I'd just call AMA Roadside Assistance, which offers free towing to members (join today!).

I found that the bike had no power, so I was thinking that the battery was feeding the bike the whole time and died - bad charging system perhaps. But the electricals were deader 'n 'a doornail, so I checked the fuzes. Sure enough, one was blown. Maybe the RR wasn't regulating the voltage well and it had blown at high RPM because of that? A walk through the barrio got me to a Shell station, where I bought six (one can never have too many fuses) 30a fuses to replace blown 20-amper. I swapped the fuse, and the bike fired right up.

A careful ride down the 5 got me to the San Ysidro (way better than Chula Vista DMV, btw) location, but over an hour late for my appointment, which meant waiting in the long line for a ticket for a longer wait. No problem, I read my book, "Dreaming of Jupiter," sequel to "Jupiter's Travels." Good stuff.

A couple of hours later, I got paperwork, to go and get a vehicle verification, which went quickly, unlike last time. After that and a 169 dollars I couldn't think of what else to spend on, I had plates! Title to follow in 4-6 weeks by government mail.

On the way home I noticed my blinkers weren't working - neither was my horn... or headlight... or tach. Weird - maybe a relay burned out b/c I put too big of a fuse in? Also, a little bit of a clanking noise was evident at higher RPM. I figured out the clanking, which goes back a couple of days. As some of you know, the Ryca Cafe kit had a strange foot actuated decomp lever for easier starts of the motor. They got flak for it, so this kit came with a manual lever. Somehow, and it may be me, but the return spring pushed the lever too far down so that while running, the lever would go up and down. So naturally, I took the spring off and it did OK. Now, if you push it up OR down while it's running, it hits the cam lobe, bouncing off in the opposite direction. The clanking was rapid movement of the lever up and down- so hard that when I stopped it with my leather-clad hand, it hurt my finger.

Now, when I got home and took a look at it, it all made sense. The good news is that I don't have a charging issue after all. I'll have to fix some wiring and think of what to do with the lever (not visible in photo). Keep it in mid-position with a spring or rubber band perhaps - or remove it completely; the bike starts fine w/o it.

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