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Funny thing - the KLRE had a bit of this kind of issue - you'd think I'd 'a learned by now. I swear I'm going to quit this nonsense one day and buy a new bike that I'll never have to do anything to but swap fluids.

EDIT: Forgot to add in carb info. I went another 1/2 turn out on the idle screw, now at 2 full turns out. Idle seems good, but if you just slightly crack the throttle while riding, the bike stumbles a little. 1/4 throttle and up to WOT is good. Taking off from a stop is tougher than I'd like, I'm a bit off on that initial throttle addition. I think the needle is good as that's more throttle - maybe the idle screw needs to come out more? It seemed to change the idle a bit, but not the off-idle at all - pilot jet maybe? I did go with the bigger size they provided, but later they say the stock idle jet is better. It's worth a try later on I guess - this carb is easy to pull off.

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