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WOW!!! Its singletrack heaven on the green hill!

THANKS John, Perry, Rob, & Ben for a GREAT weekend!

John, Saturday's breakfast of champions hill (squid filter after squid filter after squid filter ...) was a workout for this old fat guy! 10 degrees cooler & some wind would have helped. Thanks for waiting for me.

Actually, the entire peanut gallery was ALWAYS waiting for me with the cameras out every time I got to something interesting. I'm sure I was entertaining, but one of the guys in front of me appeared to be more photogenic.

Originally Posted by pcvance View Post
I love riding with Jungle, but that second day might have killed us... we almost died up there on Saturday.

Ben here checking Catfish's tire pressure
more to come.....
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Perry that last picture doesn't nearly tell the whole story. I grabbed Catfish's front tire just as he was about to loop out right there. I caught it right at the balance point of "oh shit" and "thank god". In the right place at the right time.

Snowmobile? you don't need no stinking snowmobile!!!

Thanks for the brew and the ride, good times............

Yes, THANKS for the assist Ben!!! I owe you buddy!

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Yeah it reminds me of the Jimmy Lewis class drills on balance point practice. Nice save! That's the exact spot where theGrinch bent the shit out of his bars.

Yeap, I should send this photo to Jimmy & recommend Ben for his training staff!

Then we rode the sweetest singletrack trails in the trees up to the snow. Just f*cking outstanding!!! Then we were surrounded by SNOW and were going to DIE on the green hill! But John had smoked a LOT of cigarettes waiting for me all day, and he ran out.

Only THEN did he lead us successfully through the snowbank maze back to camp for smoke & booze!

A couple of Saturday photos ... when I remembered I had a camera with me.

Sunset was on the trail, but we were back to camp just before dark. John, THANKS for the EPIC Saturday ride!!! You have the energy levels of a 12yo on crack! I think you & rearsteer are both mad dogs! Can I help it if I like chasing mad dogs?!?

Perry, Rob, & I were interested in a less physically-challenging ride on Sunday than what Jungle had planned with Ralphy & the Rippers(tm). The canyon trails to the lookout tower were easy physically, but VERY narrow & unforgiving of less-than-perfect balance or tire placement. Quite the mental workout.

The scenery was breathtaking! Once you stop. You do not DARE look anywhere else when the curving trail is only 4 inches wide on the side of a STEEP hill.

Sunday photos ...

Can you find Perry & Rob on the singletrack?

Back to camp by 5PM for cocktails & packing! We went to town looking for good burgers. Third place was a charm, and open! Nelda's Diner for a bacon-cheeseburger & a chocolate malt. Mmmm!!!

You guys sure left me a lot of firewood for Sunday night! I had a roaring white-man fire all to myself, and still had enough for Monday morning too!

THANKS everyone for a GREAT weekend!

Catfish ...
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