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Note - keep in mind that the idle adjust screw (air/fuel screw) gives a good indication of a properly sized slow jet (#6 in illustration). The slow jet calibrates the mixture from both the idle bypass and the idle orifice in the jet block. If the idle screw is properly adjusted, but the engine does not have good response when the throttle is wicked open, it is usually a sign of a lean mixture and the slow jet will need to be replaced with one size larger (richer) and the air/fuel screw re-adjusted. Consequently, if the throttle is only partially opened, such as in a trailing throttle situation, and the bike tends to load up, emitting a deep tone when the throttle is returned to full open, it is usually a sign of a rich slow jet. If the slow jet does not clean up this part of the circuit, the slide can be substituted for one with a different cutaway. The higher the number, the larger the cutaway will be, allowing more air to the jet block/nozzle screen leaning the mixture and, conversely, a smaller cutaway will richen the mixture with a greater effect up to 1/4 throttle.
Sounds/looks like the Idle Mixture Screw has less/shorter effect on the fuel map and I need to tackle a new pilot jet... but I'm not really convinced I'm too rich based on the way the bike rides - I feel lean, which doesn't match the Ryca recommendations... unless I went too lean by leaving in only one washer under the needle - I went down from three to one. I dunno nothin.

Got the wires fixed up - went faster than expected. Only two wires needed surgery - the rest just wanted band-aids. =)

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