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Originally Posted by jktpa View Post
Sounds like Dave Despain is also getting tired of the Daytona 200 Debacle by AMA c/o DMG. It was quite a shot over the bow in his report on wind tunnel lamenting the status of the event. Between that and his and others resignation from the AMA hall of fame last year the AMA used an cannon to shoot themselves in the foot and missed hitting their torso instead.
Yea, I saw on Wind Tunnel where he talked about how the race is a shadow of its former self. I think DD is getting tired of Speed as well. They cut his show to 30 minutes, and he just doesn't seem to have a passion for it this year. I think they also cut his webcast after the TV portion of the show. WTF Speed would do that is beyond me. Guess they need the crew and airtime for more PINKS reruns.

Interesting story: I emailed the AMA HoF this winter to express my thoughts about the Nobby Clark fiasco, and prior to sending in a donation I asked them to tell me if DD, Kenny Roberts, Dick Mann and others were reinstated. I never heard from them. So accordingly, they never heard from my check book.
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