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Originally Posted by davkach View Post
Can the CLASSIC and the PRO TECH be compared please. Are they the same build quality? It appears to me that the classic is more "blacked out" and is waterproof. Are those the only differences? Can't wait to get one of the two

Frankly, I feel that the Gaerne importer misunderstands the construction and use of the Classic model, and we are not recommending them to our customers.

The Balance Classic model is made from synthetic material called "Lorica". Lorica is an Italian microfiber, and used often where synthetic leather is spec'd. It is used on some motorcycle boots, and widely on cycling shoes. It is a good material, light weight, very consistent.....but not superior to leather for durability. It makes sense on street boots, and on boots that have plastic reinforcing. It makes sense on a Trials boot, where you want add'l softness or lighter weight.

IMO for Adventure use it does not add anything to the Balance line, which is almost entirely made from 1 type of main material. It does make it lighter, and softer, but is not superior to the oil-tanned leather or even the full grain used on the Pro Tech.

The only reason that it was added to the line was to have a black waterproof version of the Balance. Instead of developing a new leather-based model (which would have been better...) the buyer took the shortcut of choosing an existing (IMO inappropriate) model.

In our opinion, unless you are looking for a lighter, softer, less durable boot, or you are willing to accept those consequences because you want black+waterproof, there is no reason to choose the Balance Classic.

Hope that makes sense.


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