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Originally Posted by TcRulz View Post
Hi Sporting, I just filled my tanks for the 2nd time and got another 42 mpg. This is the same as running a Pre-filter and tiny jets (140,142) I'm at 800 metres and have 180 and 182 mains and this thing cracks. This is all win and cheap when you consider the cost of materials and the hours doing it by hand.

Your right about the no-toil products....ate my pre-filter and rusted the springs (not stainless). A couple of thoughts - if you face the hose clamps (that hold the carby down) so they do up from the right you never have to take the left hand fuel tank off again to work on the carby's. Also replaced the rear bolts (that hold the black tray down) with studs so now I never have to unscrew the glove box from the tray again. The seat once installed holds it all down. Easy now to work on everything.

I haven't found any downside to this and think this is one of the best mods anyone can do to their bike.
Good to hear, Glenn! Giant main jets, gobs of hp and 42mpg, how can this be a bad thing? (course I'm guessing those were Imperial gallons)

May I post some of the pics of your install? The filter you used, a super tall JC30-100 Sausage (available only by special order fyi), looks great!
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