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Originally Posted by BanhXeo View Post
I'm not sure of how many of you use a SPOT, but I've ridden with one every ride and really like that my wife and family feel safe with me being out, especially alone, of cell signal reach. I recently Purchased a Delorme InReach as my SPOT signal was starting to become very intermittent. The Delorme blows the SPOT away hands down. Not only in signal stability (Has way more satellites to communicate with) but it is a 2 way communicator. I can send a text to anyone I want using 160 characters and it reaches them in a couple mins. Then they can respond if needed. Just thought I'd pass some of this on as I am extremely happy with it.
That is awesome. Been thinking about a Spot but it's nice to know there is competition... I live in Redding but look forward to some rides in your neck of the woods. Great pics!
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