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Originally Posted by Speedo66 View Post
A box of cartridges is probably as much as the value of the gun. They had a very poor reputation for stopping power. Looks like a heeled bullet, like a .22.
"According to "Cartridges of the World," the .41 Rimfire consisted of a 130 grain (8.4 g) lead bullet propelled by 13 grains (0.8 g) of black powder in its original load. The round produced a muzzle velocity of 425 feet per second (130 m/s) and a muzzle energy of 52 foot-pounds force (71 J). In contrast, modern low-powered smokeless cartridges produce considerably more energy: .380 ACP (200 ft·lbf), .22 LR (100 ft·lbf)."

From Wikipedia link.
425 fps. Airsoft weapons do that.

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