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Originally Posted by motoged View Post
Enjoying the report.....but.....when you say:
" I hear, I smell, I sense and feel the presence of the
rude American's....I felt ashamed and embarrassed to be a citizen of
the USA or associated with these, people. In Mexico or elsewhere
outside the USA, I try to show respect....."....

and then say: " a fantastic day and the Oboma head road" there is a bit of a disconnect there

Just don't see the respect there?
Hey I hear what your saying. When I talk of the American's being rude, I meant they were loud and obnoxious. Oh snap, that is me. The kettle is black I tell you. Oboma heads is such an accurate description that being a farm boy, a country boy, a hill billy and what some stereo type me as being a red neck can relate to. Doesn't paint the visual picture when you say Al Sharpton head, or OJ Head, Micheal Jackson or Micheal head, Cain head or Cosby head, well actually Cosby head does have a ring. However, your comment carries merit to a point. In consolation, I will hereby now and forever forward, refer to those hard, round, black rocks with an even blacker cover of moto tire on top as:

Charla Heads.

Charla is the best second place vernacular that I can think of when referring to the rocks in imbedded in the road or hidden in deep sand. Here is a very good picture of Charla heads.

What's a charlahead?

A charlahead is a big, hard, extremely loose and rolly-polly rock right in the road. Some roads have a few charlaheads scattered about, but often on our local roads here in the mountains of Colorado, the road is made up entirely of loose rolly-polly charlaheads, which makes passage very difficult for two-wheeled vehicles. Charlaheads can be of various shapes, both round and square, but they are generally enormous in relation to the rocks we'd prefer to ride on. Charlaheads are so named because they resemble our good friend Charla's giant, bulbous head.

To whit:

I think this will work. (See most awesome ride report here:

Here is the report
Palapa Chair

Eight make believe internet friends and one hoodwinked cousin go on a trip. For those of you who are familiar with these eight friends you will know right now that this ride report is going to be a huge cluster and probably impossible to follow.

We don't care. That's the way we roll.

A few months ago one of said friends posts in a thread "Baja January 2010!" and this simple comment was followed by a resounding chorus of "IN's!"

Somehow or another we actually got our shit together and made the trip happen.

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