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Originally Posted by BigMan73 View Post
Hey Ulyses,
Great RR. I noticed it only last week and caught up during the entire last weekend.

Many of things you wrote about, resonate with me very strongly. I too am a veteran, Israeli Military (tanks, infantry ran after our dusty trails..), and through out my 3 long and tough years in the army (we had our own Afghanistan, it is called Lebanon), had this dream of a long ADV Motorcycle trip, in Australia.
That was back in 1995.

I got out of the army, with $200 in my pocket (IDF service doesn't pay more than say $100 a month..) and started working in various jobs - body guard, gardener, fuel station operator.
Saved penny to penny (actually Shekel to Shekel). Had a motorcycle license complete.

My dream bike back then was a DR-750 or DR-800 ("DR-BIG"), which I wanted so badly. It was so funny to see it suddenly in your thread. DR-650 DAKAR was my 2nd dream bike.

Anyway, I met this beautiful girl, she loved travelling too, and had a mini RTW on her own already. Told her about my plans, we started dating..
So then I'm in a dilemma - she's amazing, only thing she hates motorcycles and I really wanted to travel.
We both quit our jobs and went on RTW for 6 months, RTW literally: Israel/Thailand/Australia/New-Zealand/Fiji/Cook Islands/Tahiti/Bora-Bora/LA/Paris/Israel
Just not on the motorcycle.
I think I made the right decision

Fast forward almost 20 years, I have 3 kids and a V-Strom (and my dear wife) and we are travelling as much as we can.
But that big ADV is still waiting. One day..

Enjoy your time, I wish you all the best.

P.S. The Galil Assault Rifle you took a photo of (Columbia?) reminded my of my Glilon (shortened version of Galil) that was my de-facto GF for 3 years, we went together 24/7 and even slept together.. (Israeli soldiers never ever leave their rifles, even at night time, not sure how it is with the Marines)
Hey, BigMan,

That is a great story. Thank you for your service (Hzb no friend of ours). Anywho, that big ADV is still possible, just take one of your kids with you! Or, have them meet you along the way. If your wife still hates the bike, she might be open to this?? Best of luck.
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