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Originally Posted by Hikertrash View Post
Hmm, I just checked Globescout's website and didn't see anything about clear anodizing. I thought they were clear anodized unless I'm confusing them with Holan panniers. Perhaps Rob can chime in. Mine definitely have some type of coating or protection that touratech Zega natural and BMW Adventure panniers don't have. I don't get any black rub marks liters inside them like the BMW ones did and I don't get boot scuffs on the top of mine, either
The Globescouts are constructed out of a aluminum magnesium alloy. The type the panniers are made of is also used extensively for hull structures of light weight ships. I'm not certain if the Holans were made of bare aluminum, or 6011 aluminum, but the Globescouts are certainly different. Here is a picture of the two side by side. The finish of the Globescouts is different, but I don't believe it's anodized:

Originally Posted by 13x View Post
any advice on when will the pannier frames be available for pre-order for the KTM 690 Enduro?
Excellent question. I'll have to make a call and report back. I don't believe they will be immediately available though. More shortly on this...

Originally Posted by ttime4four View Post
Great looking stuff -- before I get too excited, can you help me with a few questions?

(1) what is the finished width of this set-up?
(2) is the overall set-up symmetrical? if different (e.g. how far off - 2" wider on left)?
(3) same as the two above if the kit was using 2 - 35L bags
(4) what is the system weight (your rack and two panniers)?

The kit that we strongly recommend for the Tiger 800 is a 35 / 45 kit. This is because the rack that we use is close in on the side without the exhaust. With this kit installed, it's around 42", per our tester report. I'd be happy to send it to you, just PM me. (it's quite extensive)

I don't have an exact weight, but I would estimate that it's around 40 lbs, total. Just over 12 lbs per pannier and 15 lbs for the rack. It's within 5 lbs for every high volume set out there (TT, Trax, HB, Holan) with the only outlier being a plastic setup.

Originally Posted by HighTechCoonass View Post
How about a recap....

Price? - Just cans matching set example 35 liter? say-
Cans outfitted to attach to a Touratech standard rack "loop style"
Where do we buy them?
When can we get them?
No problem. Two natural finish panniers are $300 each. Mounts (2) and the locks (4) are $158:

We're going to open up ordering when the panniers ship. We're expecting them to ship between now and this time next week. The reason we're waiting is because we don't want to have anyone's money before we're 100% sure that we can fill the order.
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