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Originally Posted by Sporting Wood View Post
Good to hear, Glenn! Giant main jets, gobs of hp and 42mpg, how can this be a bad thing? (course I'm guessing those were Imperial gallons)

May I post some of the pics of your install? The filter you used, a super tall JC30-100 Sausage (available only by special order fyi), looks great!
Go for it Sporting (Chris). You know if you show those photo's it's going to change the world as we know it and you'll sell heaps

My mains are large. Might go down a size or two, or just leave it alone as the plugs look right and this thing just goes so hard. Exhaust is nice and clean and not sooty. And this is from a bike with 76000 kms

My fuel is imperial measurements and by my calculations you are getting 47 mpg in my measurements (4.5 litres to our gallon) which is outstanding.

So why hasn't everyone got one?
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