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Originally Posted by dmottv View Post
As far as the wheatwacker mod, I split the difference between the black screw and the bend in the plastic fairing, used a straight edge to mark a line parallel with and below the bend, then used a single armed hack saw blade holder and a fine tooth blade. That way I ended up with a flat edge on each side of the cut to attach the wedges, 5/8"+. Just take your time and make sure you don't cut anything else inside the fairing. I held back slightly from cutting all the way to the headlight so there was enough plastic to act as the hinge point. I then used some heavy cardboard and clamps to play with the angle (I ended up sloped back somewhat from vertical), then traced the approximate cut edge outline onto the cardboard from the inside, added the flat edge width dimension to each side, cut the cardboard, then test clamped it to the fairing. Once I had it right, I used the cardboard as a template and cut out the thickest plastic I could find, from a marine battery box I picked up at Walmart (Canadian Tire probably has something similar). Clamp the plastic wedges to the fairing, drill the mounting holes, attach the bolts and nuts, and you're done. I used stainless bolts, washers and nuts with nylon inserts. edit to add: I just measured the inside split, 1 1/2" at the rear. The wedges include 5/8" strong on each side of the split, so 1 1/2" + 5/8" strong on each side, about 2 7/8" at the rear and 1 1/4" strong at the front for the angle that I like. YMMV.

The panel kit is pretty cool, it has a waterproof hinged cover and a powerlet plug that snaps/threads together on each side of a panel. I bought a multi sized cone drill bit, drilled the aluminum dash to the right size, attached the panel kit plug in on each side, ran the wires back to the battery next to the frame under the removed gas tank, done. I think I bought the longer wire kit so I could run to the dash, instead of under the seat or somewhere closer to the battery. There's not much room in the battery compartment for extra wires, I probably should have installed an accessory fuse block and ran the wires to that. The powerlet plug is a better more secure design than say a cig lighter plug, you can get pigtail adapters to split to a powerlet and a cig plug, or whatever else you need to run your music, etc.
Very helpful. I like this thread, people actually answer my questions!
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