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Originally Posted by Ulyses View Post
I offered to go burn down the village and spread salt on the ruins. That'll learn em!

Seriously though, that is something I would not expect to happen in Peru.

I read a previous story about a motorcyclist that was murdered by a couple of indigenous people in Peru. (It makes me wonder if it was the whole village who was in on that one now.)

I rode through Cuzco in 2007 with a buddy and there were road blocks every 10 miles. A couple of times they threw rocks and horse manure at us, but for the most part the villagers were helpful and would move the rocks for us so we could pass through the blockades.

When we got to Cuzco we got to see a huge protest which featured a 25 ft statue of George W. Bush who was holding a noose with an Indian Chief's head in it.
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