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legget ca, to guealala ca.

today's riding was amazing. highway 1 is super beautiful, twisty, and fun.

it's also been pretty cold and rainy all day. after camping the last two nights I caved and got a hotel. I'm staying at the sea crest inn, in guealala.

it's right on a bluff overlooking the beach. ill get a pic or some video tomorrow before heading out.

got some pulled pork from bones roadhouse BBQ restaurant which is just up the road from the hotel. great stuff, and a nice bartender.

it's about 9pm but I'm looking at another couple hundred miles of cold, twisty, and wet riding tomorrow as I get into San Francisco. I plan to stay on hwy 1 right up until point Reyes and the golden gate, I can't wait!

took some good video today, so ill start with the one I took this morning... what a weird way to start the day, lol.

a guy blaring Irish music dropped by my camp this morning, here are my bleary-eyed thoughts on that and a tour of my camping setup.

here's a stop after about 35 miles of highway 1, after it finally spat me out on the coastline

and a shot of an amazing hairpin once I was able to get into the cruising zone...

and lastly... remember that image of the balloons popping I made with my uncle in Vancouver? here's a little "behind the scenes" peek at how we made that happen...

btw... what's it mean when people are commenting here "in"... does that mean you're following the thread now?

I'm likely to have some time to kill tomorrow in SF. any recommendations on things to see while I'm in the golden gate area?

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