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Originally Posted by Dustodust View Post
I got this crazy idea that it would be great to have a forum area to post up phone contacts of other riders who would be willing to offer assistance , within reason of course, to lone rider adventurers who are way out there.
The tow truck system or local bike shops are a bit spartan and iffy if at all.
Speaking for myself, some of us dont have much of a life and might be amused at going out to (say for instance) pick up a BMW with a failed drive line , or a KTM that blew a crank, or some dude on a KLR who is 27 miles out from the nearest interstate on a dirt road with a broken chain.
Willing potential rescuers would be inmates who may have a little local knowledge and maybe mechanical knack or not . Might have a 4x4 or be able to pick up parts and bring them out within a certain radius that they would post up along with a phone contact # or notes like "text only" , that way if the rescue inmate was not in the mood they could just ignore, or text back "sorry jack" gettin my axle lubed at the moment.
Lots of rules could be established like "dont be a dick" and agree on a price before going out,
Rescuers and recuees could be rated with feedback to weed out any advantage takers or whiners and limit the level of ridiculosity that could ensue .
ADV rider website itself would probably have to post a liability disclaimer and creepiness or price gouging would be banned
Dorky pozers who dont carry inner tubes or tools or even try to rescue themselves first would be shunned and ridiculed, but riders who walked 43 miles to find a phone spot would greatly appreciate the system if it happens to work at the time.
Like say I am just fiddlediken around on the weekend and looking for an excuse to get out of the box and get a text from some Joe Bloe on a sightseeing trip from Finland texts that his V strom is stuck up to the seat in mud 4 miles from the nearest paved road in the Valley of the Shadow Of Death and he is surrounded by coyotes.....well, you see what I mean, he could pull out his notebook that he filled up with notes on area rescue prospectors and offer me gas money to come out and laugh at him

I just think it would be really cool if I was out on a long adventure ride and something terrible was to happen that someone fairly local might be willing to bring out a part or come out on a dirt road in the middle of Utah to tow my bike to a shop , and Id give em a few hundred for their troubles and generosity

Just a thought

some may call me an asshole for shooting this down, but if you need help, posting up in the regional forum you need help in usually gets the job done. im just against making these more complicted and against micro managing.
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