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Originally Posted by Midnightsun View Post
It looks like the Sjaak's sled was doubled up and pulled by the snowmachine. Was the bike able to pull the sled? I am interested in hearing the details. It looks the route has been altered. Has Sjaak abandoned the idea of traveling the ice to Canada? If so, my vote is that he will make it to Canada (via the road system).
He hired a snowmachine and guide for the run from Barrow to Nuiqsut across the wind blown snow over ice and land. I think he found that a motorcycle tire, even as specialized as he had was not enough surface area/traction to pull the sled. The snowmachine pulled Sjaak's sled and the guides sled. Details can be found on his facebook page, R1SjaakPolarIceRide. From Nuiqsut he was able to tow the trailer on a winter road to Deadhorse where he can link up with state maintained roads to points south. I have a bit of experience traveling by snowmachine in Alaska and the idea of towing heavy sled via a motocycle didn't seem plausible. None the less, he got it accomplished, overcame setbacks, survived typical cold weather, and made it to Deadhorse. No small feat. I'm impressed.

Does Sjaak have/need any logistical help in Fairbanks?
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