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Originally Posted by PDsgt View Post
Hey Adam. I have smh10 on my full face and love it. Recently bought half helmet and am looking at the new SPH10. Couple questions. How does the Unit attach to the helmet? Also wondering if I need the boom mic? I don't care about the phone or talking aspect. I just want it for the music wirelessly. I have been looking on sena's website, but can't find the answers to my questions. Thanks for your help.
The SPH10H is the hald helmet version. SPH10 is for outdoor sports, and no helmet.

The SPH10H included ear pads that the Bluetooth module and speakers are built in to. The thing about this version is that is only fits a limited number of helmets. The strap arrangement needs to resemble the pix on our website.

An alternative is the SMH10 with boom mic and speaker pockets that the speakers will drop in to. We have the speaker pockets in stock, just not on the site. If you have a helmet with ear flaps or zip-off ear flaps, the speaker pockets may not fit without some tinkering. Ear flaps sometimes have pockets for speakers, but often are not at all aligned with your ear canal.

It's not obvious at first, but some shorty helmets are actually the most difficult of all helmets to install headsets in.

Do let us know if we can help guide you as to what'll work for your particular helmet.
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