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Originally Posted by Emoto View Post
So, if I am navigating along a saved route on my Montana, and then I need to find nearby gasoline or food, I find near my current location, then once found, I can insert it into my existing route that I am following? And will doing that affect other subsequent waypoints that were in my route? Assume that I did not transfer the route to the unit as "direct" what happens?
Well this is all just from trying it out in my house as I type this and there may be better ways but...

Like I said there are several places where you can get to this sequence:
Search Near->My Current Location->Fuel Services

...including when you are not even currently navigating, meaning right after you press Where To? you can get to the above and it will simply route you directly there. But this is basic and independent of any other saved or current route... so I'm sure you already know this and this is not your question (but for other readers...).

But for your question, you are navigating a route with multiple via points in it and suddenly need gas so you want to insert a Fuel Services location into the middle of your route and still leave the rest of the via points intact.

This only works for a Direct route (from Basecamp) as only a Direct route will give you the "Edit Route" option:

So the only way I know is to use the Route Planner app to actually EDIT the route...

The idea is basically to use Route Planner to insert this new point before an existing point in your route, or in this case before the next point coming up in your route. It turns out that it doesn't matter if you are currently navigating the route or not, because editing it in Route Planner will not in itself cause it to re-run autorouting, so you will have to stop navigating then start it again anyhow.

In Route Planner, you will see a list of routes, DO THIS:
0. select your desired route and click Edit Route
1. from here you will see a list of via points (waypoints, via points, shaping points, whatever)
2. select the next point coming up ahead of you (use your knowledge of the route to decide which point this is since there is no way to know really)
3. click Insert
4. select the Menu button (3 horizontal bars) and pick:
5. Search Near->My Current Location->Fuel Services, then pick a location, it shows on the map, then pick Use.

So now it shows you the list of via points in your route and you can see the new one you just picked. If it is not in the correct order you can select it and then pick Move Up or Move Down. It does not affect the other points already in the route.

Now when you back (exit) out of Route Planner and return to the map, if you are currently navigating you will see the map does not show this new point on it, so you will have to:

6. stop navigating then start navigating this newly edited routed all over again.

At least that is a way I have found to work.
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