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Tiddie Springs (March 2013)

Time to get ready for the summer, so the wife and I decided to test some of our equipment from the winter hiatus. (And some new stuff too!)
Besides some great riding, we got to see Tiddie Springs, couple of old miner/ranching cabin sites (learned some history), geocaching, and got to see some wild mustangs to boot.

First things first, found a little issue with the clutch cable on my pre-ride inspection. Good thing I bought a new one over the winter.
Broken clutch cable out on the trail may have made things interesting.

Then we loaded up the new to us "Dual-Purpose" mule trailer. Gonna come in handy hauling the ATV's, TW and the 4 leg mules.

A few views on the way to the springs

About 6 miles in, we made it to Tiddie Springs. As you can see, Tiddie or Tiddy Springs is spelled differently. Maps spell it one way, sign spells it another.
Who cares about the spelling anyway. I don't.

Looked like an old structure next to the springs

Departed the springs heading east and caught a great view of Hayden Peak (I think) S.E. of Silver City, ID.
Resized to 94% (was 1024 x 580) - Click image to enlarge

Lots of cool rock formations too

Found a few geocaches along the way too

Ran into our first old cabin site. Nothing special on the outside. You can tell it had been "upgraded" over the years

View of the inside. Drywall ripped off exposing wood on the inside. And this is where it got interesting.

Couldn't quite make out the writing at the very top, but easy to read the date written in 1922

Found some interesting newspaper "wallpaper". Tried to find a date on the newspapers, but couldn't

However, with a little investigative work from the box score of the baseball game, I guessed the newspaper was from around 1929.
Teams were the Philadelphia A's vs. the Chicago White Sox. The game was played on August 24th, 1929. Click here for the box score
and here for a little history of the Philadelphia, Kansas City, and Oakland A's.

About a mile later we came across the second cabin site. People were already here so we didn't stay long, but the door to the cabin was open
so I took a few photo's of the inside. This cabin appears to be used by ranchers as it was in fairly good shape.

Wife and I took another timeout and found another cache in the area

And one of Georgie at the next cache down the road a ways

Our ride is just about over, but we still have some good riding on the way back to camp

With a couple miles to go, I was kind of in la la land not paying attention to too much, when all of a sudden off to my left, I spot some
wild mustangs. Kinda cool in my book.

They were nice enough to just stand there so I could get a couple photo's. I feel like getting a haircut right now for some reason!

During the night a cold front moved through and rocked the camper around some. Can't hardly tell a storm blew through during the night
by the view the next morning

But then again, there was some evidence!

Well, I hope enjoy looking as much as we did riding.

Take care all.

Video of the ride
For the record, I hate snakes!

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