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Originally Posted by Ulyses View Post
Awesome! I love tankers! They would totally make my day when they fired their main gun. The sound alone is enought to make you sh"t yourself. Of course, they always called us "crunchies" and made fun of us for having to walk everywhere, but I think they were just jealous...Personally, in retrospect, I think I would prefer to roll around in a 100 ton killing machine. Sounds like a good time to me!

That DR-BIG is a crazy bike! I just saw another one a few days ago. Did you ever end up getting one? Does your wife ride with you on the wee-strom?

And yes, we too had to sleep with our weapons. Except when we were sleeping in the snow. Then we had to dig a little snow cave for our rifles so that the moisture from our bodies didn't get into the action and then cause them to freeze up when we got out in the morning. Sleeping with an M-16 in your bag sucks. I was so happy when I became an officer and I could just sleep with my pistol instead. Much more comfortable.
LOL - Spoken like a true infantry man! I guess it is the same everywhere. Infantry get all the glory, but they know every well what the tankers bring to the game..
One of the visions that I fondly remember is a company of 11 tanks charging in fast motion while shooting the main guns, and the multiple on-board 7.62mm FN-MAG Machine guns. Words cannot describe the sounds and awe of this scene.

I never got the DR-BIG. When I got back from the RTW trip, I was broke, and had to find a job (I guess you know what I mean). Later on when I had the money to buy it, I was in a different "zone" - kids, house, career.
When I moved to the states in 2007, I was looking for it, but was surprised to find out that the DR-BIGs were never sold here. Never understood why, seems like an awesome bike. BTW the Honda Varadero (XL1000V) is not sold in the US either. Weird.

My wife doesn't ride with me. But she is very understanding and allows me to ride - I have a lot of respect for her, to allow me to do my things.

Here is my Wee, notice it was 'militarized' - Custom 'Top-Gun' decals I designed, and blackened out.. I don't want those MF Hizbulla firing their sagers AT missile on my bike right..? (I'm totally 'scratched' in my head, when it comes to Chrome and Shiny metals - everything must be blackened)

Back to the main story - your amazing RR. I don't want to take it off-topic too much

Originally Posted by purpledrake View Post
Hey, BigMan,

That is a great story. Thank you for your service (Hzb no friend of ours). Anywho, that big ADV is still possible, just take one of your kids with you! Or, have them meet you along the way. If your wife still hates the bike, she might be open to this?? Best of luck.
Thank you!
Yes, the big ADV is surely possible, and I did speak to my 2 sons about it - they want to do it after they finish the army. That would be epic.
My wife can find us some where in the middle, where we can rest for two weeks and enjoy time off as a whole family. We're talking 10 years from now..
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