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Originally Posted by preppypyro View Post
This looks interesting, forgive my ignorance though. Would this be similar to the "other" kits out there that are fairly popular? I dont wanna name some names, but the ones that claim a power increase and whatnot.

What other supporting mods would a guy need to get? Besides h2w jets Im assuming. I drive a fair bit of gravel, would this system be good use for my style of riding, or is this more for on road type stuff?

I need a new air filter pretty soon anyways, and I think Im going to buy this system, but Im prety stupid when it comes to these mods! Need to know slightly what im getting into first haha.
My kit is similar in that it uses the same or at least a similar filter manufactured by ITG. That's really where the similarities end. Materials and method of attachment are completely different. I've gotten a few questions about this, and I suppose its a natural one to ask. A close look will reveal little in common.

Only thing additional that's necessary is jetting and a crankcase vent filter. Its a straightforward and simple install. There will be a power increase once you get the carbs adjusted correctly to compensate for healthier airflow. Having a good jet kit and some intel as to what works best in your part of the world and at your elevations is the only real hurdle I can think of. My jetting setup is tuned for flexibility and economy with power available at the top of the range. I like it because it works everywhere. Many guys would rather tune for power and stronger midrange with a 45 pilot or a higher needle, fuel mileage and altitude flexibility be damned! That's OK too. You may need to add a tractor weight to keep the front down if you go this route. It all depends on what you're after. I mention this because its important to know what you're getting into and what your options are.

I also ride a lot of gravel and dirt. Air filters fill up quicker and this is where having a foam filter is nice. All it'll need when it gets dirty is a bath and some fresh oil and it'll last as long as the bike. Considering a new factory paper filter is almost $50, this will pay for itself quickly.
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