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I was all excited to get my bike put back together last night. Had a couple of hours to spare and thought I could get it all done. First up? Valve lash. Something I've done a dozen times, and it went smooth. So, I put the rocker covers back on and then, it was time to put on the tank, seat, and all the plastics. But, before I did, I thought maybe I oughta hook up my throttle cable to my handlebar grip.

Good thing I did. While doing so, I found out that my throttle cable is fraying and hanging up in the sheath. I'm not sure why I decided to do that before putting the tank on, but I'm darn glad I did - or I would have been taking everything right back off!

Well, what else could I do?

I did drive the new sprocket shaft seal on. That went without a hitch. I do need to remember to tighten that sprocket nut down, though. I took it off by holding the back brake too keep the sprocket from turning. But, I've got to put the chain back on - after I put the back wheel back on - after I mount my new tire.

So, I'm making progress, but I'm losing ground too. Seems like I'm leaving the bike in a more disassembled state every night. I should have had it looking like a motorcycle again, but instead it looks pretty much the same - just without a back wheel or throttle cable!

Here's the list. Plain black is yet to be addressed. Green is repairs in progress. Yellow is done.

Rear tire - mount a meatier off road tire to replace the 80/20 street tire

Throttle cable - shot, needs replaced

Clutch – adjust

Spark plug – New one will go in after checking valve lash.

Turnsignals – Needs a new flasher relay

Sprocket Shaft Seal Leaks - seal installed

Valves - lash set

Instrument lights – bulbs replaced

Waterpump – rebuilt.

Headlight – flickers
Just a loose connection.

Tail light – doesn’t work
Handlebar wiring was redone - poorly

Parking light – doesn’t work
Parking light deosn't exist. Need to buy a replacement.

Rear shock – shot

Carbs – jetted too fat
New jets ordered. 195-170MJ; 52-45 idle jet.

Seat – I hate the white seat
Painted with vinyl interior paint. Not lasting very well.

Luggage – none
Luggage rack built. Top box acquired - but I need to mount it.

Handlebars – too low
Rotated back too far. Moved them forward and I think It'll work

Steering - spooky at highway speeds.
Steering stem had too much slack. Tightened her up.
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