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Originally Posted by skwidd View Post
It was the same shit from 60's all the way through Ponca and Loretta's on big bikes, piece of shit family breaking contracts and shitting in the pool.
Fuck tony with a 4x4 fencepost full of rusty nails.
Anyone with any shame would have taken his kids to roadracing and stayed there, motocross and offroad is a family sport where people with integrity and love of the sport raise their kids.
I hope he stays healthy, I don't wish injury on anyone.
It's better if he doesn't have an excuse for failure.

+1, but I think Mike tried to change his ways last year in the outdoors with the way he was acting or maybe he got stuck at the airport with some Hare Krishna and started to believe in their ways. Either way the kid needs to cut the strings from his dad.
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