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Originally Posted by Longbow View Post
Thank you for such an epic adventure. I have been following you for about two years it seems, and have enjoyed every minute. Very happy for you that you have made it home safely, all the best to you in your future adventures.

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I always get a kick out of those traffic videos.. I lol'd as it almost seems like it has an invisible traffic light at the intersection.
It reminds me of the chinese moped craziness I have watched.
It's self-regulated traffic. Only in India

Originally Posted by Shibby! View Post
Don't want to clutter the pages too much, but didn't want you think we (the readers) didn't appreciate the report, stellar pictures, and great info.
I really enjoyed following your ride. Can't wait for any future adventures you take on!
Thanks, mate!
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Glad to see you made it home safe! The reward of seeing your parents had to be a very rewarding feeling and probably one of the best experiences from this journey. I have to say that I enjoyed this journey a lot and can't wait to see you finish documenting the rest of it. Thanks for the time you have taken to keep us up to date.
Thanks, John. Yeah, now the feeling is sinking in that yup, I did it. I left Chicago on my motorcycle three years ago with the final destination being India and now, I've arrived (bike still to come )
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