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It's almost time to hit the road again...

Originally Posted by fourthree View Post
Been a few days, hope you are just having too much fun to write! I know, computer problems, still hope you are doing well. Don't stop taking pictures, can always post later.
Hi fourthree. Thanks for checking up! Sorry for the long delay. I have been having way too much fun and have gotten completely stuck here But now it's almost time to move on. 5 weeks is the longest I've stayed anywhere on my travels (All of them!!) and it's been really good. The computer is on and off, I just haven't been riding much. Will start the catch-up report in a bit...

Originally Posted by Cal View Post
Was the volcano Santa Maria? On my weekend off from Habitat para la humanidad I hiked Santa Maria with a full moon,took a guide from the company Viajes Adrenelina. Good memories!!
It was, Cal! I went with Quetzaltrekkers. That's a new record for me for elevation gain over horizontal distance! (~1300m up over ~7Km) ...and I hike professionally Great non-profit and they throw really fun benefit parties!

Originally Posted by Stan Dalone View Post
What a great adventure your on bud!
Thanks Stan, it's been really great. Didn't quite make it as far as planned, but that just gives me an excuse to come back next year

Originally Posted by Pete_Tallahassee View Post
"Kinda getting stuck in Xela for a while... "

So let's see her picture.
Okay Pete, the real reason I got stuck in Xela: Luzy...

Enthusiastically skeptical...
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