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Originally Posted by Biddy View Post
Many people, many different opinions, but I appreciate your help and advices very much! Thank you all.

Right now I'm thinking about getting the Pelican side cases and maybe a top case from a different brand second hand, either here in Holland or in Alaska.

But the waste containers also seem attractive

The more I go through life, to more it amazes me how 2 people can see the same thing completely differently. It like, yeah, with the side split paniers like the Givi, you do have to police your objects around the front and back of the case, and make sure you have any objects getting into the seals.

But on the other hand, the top open paniers can not accept helmets (that I know of) and heaven forbid you need to get to that pair of gloves at the bottom.

When I tour, I keep extra visors, gloves, rain gear, water and snacks in the right panier. Quick access on the high side of the bike (when on the side stand of course). On the left, I used to keep my cache of clothes, and would only open it every 2 to 3 days. With 2-3 pairs of socks, underwear an shirts in a small kit bag in my top box. As well, sneakers, jeans and such would go in there, basically items that will only get worn once or twice.

For my trip this summer I am taking a lot more camera gear, including my big lens, and possibly an extra body (50D). Basically I will be easily outstripping the capacity of my tank bag.

So this trip my left panier will have camera crap in it, and maybe some clothes.

Basically it comes down to how you pack stuff, and what you do when you tour.

I am guessing, your touring will be significantly different than mine.

Ride safe, and when you get your bike set up, please post some pictures in this thread!
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