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New review over on Goodreads.

Florence Osmund's review Feb 19, 13

5 of 5 stars
Read in February, 2013

"Mad Days of Me – Escaping Barcelona by Henry Martin was a very interesting read. In part what made it so interesting was Martin’s vivid development of the main character, Rudy.

Teenage Rudy flees his home in Rome to Barcelona, leaving his family and girlfriend behind, looking for freedom. He realizes he needs to embrace who he really is in order to find peace within himself and joy in his life, but he doesn’t know who that is. For months, he spends his days on the streets of Barcelona interacting with an pitiful array of junkies, criminals, drunks, street performers, stray dogs, and other lost souls, adapting to the backdrop of the day like a chameleon. Occasionally Rudy has a bout of philosophical thinking, but that soon dissipates as soon as a new situation presents itself. After squatting in an old abandoned building with a Romanian thug, a deaf Columbian, and a heroin addict, he focuses on leaving Barcelona, but that proves more difficult than he ever imagined.

This book was extremely well written with intense drama and beautifully executed scenes. It is well worth the read."

Florence Osmund is the author of The Coach House. If you are curious about her own writing, or other books she recommends, you can visit her website
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