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Originally Posted by moodfart View Post
I'd argue there's a much higher possibility of 'laying down' a motorcycle than there is of societal collapse while you're out buying shoes. The increased risk, IMO, warrants the neccesity for gloves, boots, helmet, etc. To each his own, though... I'm bored at work and ADVrider is keeping me awake today.
I think the main point behind this stuff is just having something (a "bag") with you that has various tools and supplies that may be useful to you on some idle tuesday where you get blindsided by some random situation.

Labeling it as an "anti-zombie" or "get home" bag is just a fun thing to make it interesting.

Same deal behind the CDC or whoever putting out a guide about preparing a kit for a zombie outbreak. The point is to get people to think about some things that may come out of the blue like a tornado or blizzard, etc.

Though some folks take it very seriously.
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