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Originally Posted by flyingdutchman177 View Post
They are
You can't trust them
They will take you money
Those are the things you usually here
Especially from non travelers
Let me give you a different prospective

Yesterday I was trying to find a specific hostel in downtown Cali Colombia.
It is a town of about 3 million people.
The streets and signs didn't make sense
They are always lots of police in these towns.
Sometimes on every corner
So I stopped and asked for directions
To my surprised, he jumped on his motorcycle, let his post and said to follow him.
So there I was, getting my own, personal police escort thru the city of Cali to my destination.
Every time you here a story about the police taking money from someone, 99% of the time it's because they did something wrong. Maybe they were going too fast or whatever
And if they take a bribe then consider yourself lucky.
Its just the way the system works down here sometimes.
And you get off cheaper that way in the end anyway.
The whole time I have been traveling, I have not been asked for a bribe.
But I am heading in to Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia soon. So my feelings may change.
And if they do, I will give you the full report (hopefully with pictures).
Is everyone still with me?
Following daily... VERY impressive!! Sorry you won't be doing Baja in April but really glad you are doing this adventure... be safe..
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