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Originally Posted by Ratman View Post
You might thumb thru this picture album....there are some interesting information about alc stoves there.

Originally Posted by NomadGal View Post
Right now I use stern, and it takes up quite a bit of space and lasts me a week with 2 cans. I wonder how long the alcohol will last me. Gonna try it.
By myself cooking daily tea, dinner, and the odd other meal, a container of heet lasted me a week. Cooking for two and that's almost doubled due to the larger volumes. Wind will also do a number on your efficiency if your windbreak is not so great.

I wouldn't go back to Sterno though - I can find the heet more places for cheap and I think it burns hotter.

Originally Posted by Ratman View Post
And if you knock your Sterno over, there isn't a bunch of flaming alcohol running over the table. Be careful with liquid alc.
+1 I have set myself on fire more than once... Especially be careful if it's windy!
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