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Next I cleaned up the air box and the rear backing plate. They were in real good conditon.

Now the fun part. I thought I would just slap the airbox in no problem. I had to take the shock off the rear wheel and drop the swing arm to get it in.

I am only doing a MOCK UP, so I'm thinkin it's all good from here on out. Piece of cake. Boy was I wrong. The filter cage is very stout. The filter is very stout. The cages are tapered as well as the filters. I get them on finally. Thank the Lord I dont' have oil on them. It would not be pretty.

The real fun begins. This should be easy put the rod into the side cover slide it through, put on the other filter and cover and you are good to go. WRONG EM BOYO (from a Clash song). The air box is tapered on both sides, and the clamping rod is bent on both ends to accomadate the taper. So here I am trying to hold one side of the filters with my left hand, trying to line up the right side with my right hand, and because I can't see things as well any more I have a flashlight stuffed in my mouth looking upside down to line it all up while DROOOLING ALL OVER MYSELF. Boy is this fun. I finally get it installed. I am worn out.

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