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Originally Posted by St.Stan View Post
Odin69, yep, those roads look familiar. Calaveras county, like Placer and El Dorado counties in the 50's before the interstate highways went through.

It's a month or two off but there's Summit Level Road from RR Flat road up to 4 past Avery. And in the spring SPI will unlock the gate at the bottom of Winton Road and you can go up to the top and ride forest roads to 4 near Bear Valley.

A trivia note, that last road with the bridge was a section of Ponderosa Way. That was a 1930's WPA project to build a firebreak road up and down the length of the foothills, before there were a lot of people living up there. Many of the sections have been allowed to be taken over by property owners and are gated.

There was a state inspection of that bridge around 2002 or thereabouts and they found the concrete piers and metal trusses to be in satisfactory condition but the report noted the deteriorating condition of the wooden deck.
Yeah, I was thinking the bridge wasn't looking too good myself. It looks like it is rotting and you could see through a small section of it where, the board had fallen.

I tried finding more dirt roads yesterday but, only found one up below Avery. It kind of sucks that most of the roads are paved single lane roads out there. I even tried past Big Trees but, it got to cold and a lot of the roads were closed off. It was too cold up there and I wasn't dressed for it. I found a road around Murphy's but, further down there was a locked gate. I'm finding a lot of locked gates North of Hwy 4.

So far, the only good riding area that I know of is Camp Nine road which, takes you to Italian Bar and all that area South of Hwy 4.
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