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Originally Posted by Bengt Phorks View Post
Maybe you went the wrong way by raising the fork tubes. It decreases the rake and trail which makes the front want to slide out. Think about mountain biking in the sand, its very hard to keep the bike going in a straight line without the front washing out. By lowering the fork tubes you increase the rake and trail which makes the bike more stable and stops the front end from skittering around and breaking traction.
Here is my setup. I weigh 250+ with gear. The fork tubes raised 8 mm in the triple clamps and I am using the the stock springs (4.2)
I have a 8.4 spring on the rear with 4.5 inches of sag and the rebound setting is 2 clicks harder than the comfort setting. When the bike was new the 7.6 spring felt too stiff and as it broke in I went to a 8.0 then to the 8.4. I took about 50 hours before the suspension settled in.
Tire selection goes from the Metzler Enduro Extreme to Dunlop 606's. Right now I am running a Pirelli Scorpion on the front. All the knobs on the edges have broke off but it doesn't seem to make any difference.

The bike is so stable I can darn near drag the handlebar in a corner while waving at the girls.
Your right.. I left everything the same except reset the compresion and rebound back to the "Standerd" possitions per manual and went for some laps. It turns better so I'm going to try to drop the forks back down in the clamps and try again. Handling is more important to me than being able to tip toe..haha

Just gonna have to revert to the old off balence bailout method from now on.. good thing I have radiator braces and good bark busters.

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