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Originally Posted by ineptizoid View Post
A couple questions for you POG hot-rodders: is this Camaro really running a Ford 9" rear end? How can you tell? Does it look that much different from a GM rear end?
Its hard to tell from that angle. A 9" Ford rear end is extremely popular in the drag racing community. The easiest way to see a difference is the GM rear end has a cover you remove from the rear to access the gears. A 9" the whole "chunk comes out of the front.

The orange part houses all the gears and is removable by removing the hardware and pulling it out after pulling the axles out. The axles bolt to the outer flange which is an added benefit in the event of a broken axle, the wheel stays where it should be.

Typical GM style rear end. It has "C" clips that go inside where the yellow springs are. If you break an axle, there is nothing to keep the wheel on the car.
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Originally Posted by WaterWheel View Post
From what I've heard, riding a DR feels just like riding a KLR except your head doesn't sway left and right constantly scanning the ditches for aluminum cans.
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