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Laugh Day 2 Saturday, September 8th 2012

 photo map-001_zps5742079c.jpg

Day 2 – Saturday, September 8th 2012

Chicago, Illinois to somewhere in East Kentucky

Quite possibly the weirdest and craziest day I encountered was this day. I slabbed the 4 lanes for the better part of the day looking at cagers and windmills. I initially just wanted to see the Appalachain mountains (glorified hills if you ask me), beautiful nonetheless, and sometimes moreso! I passed through Illinois, Indiana, and entered Kentucky. I've heard the stereotypes of Kentucky, people and place, and its funny how stereotype's are true in most cases! It was definitely beautiful as I progressed through the state and the elevation steepened as the sun sank! I made it to eastern Kentucky ask dusk approached and I realized I had nowhere to stay, my gas tank was nearly empty, and they didn't build cell towers in the area of Crocketsville that would tell my phone how to get to accommodations. The most glorious thing then happened as I weaved down the county roads and a valley opened up to a hillside of tents and fire! It appeared as if thousands of people were camping out way back in the sticks, everyone armed with a four wheeler. I strolled in and was informed that it had rained inches all day, but I was more than welcome with my motorcycle and tent to camp in the alfalfa field with everyone else. As I was setting up camp I could hear the distinct bass of a concert brewing. I took a closer look and there appeared to be a huge stage rivaling that of any I've seen way down in the valley. I am drawn to concerts so after I threw a change of clothes on I headed down the path about a mile to the stage. Getting closer the music started to sound familiar as I recognized the lyrics of “Daisy” by Halfway to Hazard. Wheelers lined up all around in front of the stage people were singing and dancing and passing around the contents of their coolers. For a dry county I was amazed at the amount of alcohol present, I guess it was no different than the stash a 16 year old in Wisconsin carries... both were prohibited to possess alcohol. The next band was Montgomery Gentry whom I had seen in Wisconsin a few weeks earlier! The crowd was having a great time so was I. I shared some shine with the locals, swapped stories, and through the language barrier I found friends in these Kentucky hillbillies. Fantastic people! As I retreated to my tent after plenty of whiskey I still feared for my life the entire night as the drunkos on the 4wheelers continued to bomb within feet of my tent! I woke up to a brand new “ranger” style wheeler flipped over 30 yards from my tent. In the sober light of day the story became that this festival was a benefit four wheeler ride that was annual. The stage was full log. And I finally met real “hillbillies”. They are fantastic people!

My view as I setup the tent in Crocketsville, KY
 photo 20120908_201548_zps7de475cd.jpg

The stage as Montgomery Gentry sang “My Town”... this song now makes more sense know this is where they grew up!
 photo 20120908_210830_zpsf9c55302.jpg

The fog in my head was still strong in the morning, aftermath
 photo 20120909_075234_zps84d2fec1.jpg

A sticker gift from my Kentucky National Guard friend, and breakfast:)
 photo 20120909_101218_zpsbef4d23b.jpg

An abandoned store nearby Crocketsville, I like the dog on the front step!
 photo 20120909_090529_zps33f6c253.jpg

Thanks for the interest:)
Stay tuned for more...


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