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Hey Joe, man you weren't kidding about being able to lend a hand. Well, I am not carrying a Spot. I do have a Garmin GPSmap 60CX which, while being very robust, is small and not good at routing. It will keep my tracklog and waypoints, etc and I have the North America Nav maps installed.

I don't know how much of Death Valley will be on those maps.

Should I get a Spot? I suppose I could.

The Dakar holds 4.6 gallons and averages about 50 mpg plus/minus depending on terrain, how it's loaded, and how it's ridden. I've done better than that and I've done a lot worse. let's say a comfortable 200 miles on the clock. Add another 50 with my one gallon fuel can.

I will be running TKC's. I will be spending anywhere from 3 days to 5 days out there. Due to the nature of my work I could be out for two weeks (figure 4 days out and 4 days back) which leaves 4 or 5 play days if I give myself an extra day to get home.

It could even be longer. I'll play that part by ear.

If I could stay at a campground where I could safely leave my tent and all my kit so that I could day ride, I would like that. But I can do it loaded. Either way. I can camp quite comfortably. What sort of night time temps should I expect?
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