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One of the best mx races I have ever seen included the Alessi bros at my local track. This was in November, 2004.

Out of Motocross Action Magazine:

"...At Cycle Ranch there were 38 Pros on the line for the 125/250 Pro Shootout to do battle for a piece of the $24,800 pie. The likes of Tommy Hahn, Ty Conner, Kyle Phoenix, Johnny Marley, J.J. Pecsok, James B Marshall, Brandon Beabout and many many more were lined up against Mike and Jeff Alessi. With Tommy Hahn having never been beaten at Cycle Ranch, everyone was waiting for the bar banging battle to ensue. What they got was a lesson in how to demolish your competition (also a good lesson to watch). In true RC or Bubba style, Mike went out there and killed the pack every time his gate dropped. During the week he participated in some local class racing and was laying down what was nothing short of incredible lap times at 2:06 on the very fast 2 1/2 mile track.

Come Sunday, the gates were filled and so were the stands. There was excitement in the air that hasn't been there since Robbie Reynard and Travis Pastrana battled at Cycle Ranch in the spring of '03. During Sunday morning practice Johnny Marley and Ty Conner started working on a move that I have never seen anyone even attempt in my 3 1/2 years of riding at Cycle Ranch. They were doubling into the inside on a 60-foot step-up into a 180 degree right hand corner and making the inside line. Then, in the back of the track, Mike Alessi and Ty Conner had the craziest idea of how to negotiate the 80 plus yards of whoops that lead into a 40-50ft quad. They were hitting the last whoop and sailing over the quad from there (4th gear pinned). ..."

Incredible riding.

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