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Originally Posted by J Lewis View Post
This may be covered someplace in the 26 pages but maybe one of you know instantly because Google can't seem to help me.

Where can I watch 2013 F1 races and qualifying streaming online but not live? As in I'm either riding when the races are on or sleeping so I can go riding...

Any help?

Very tricky. Not sure that it can be done. You have two choices, it seems to me.

1/ Figure out a way to record a live stream, including a way to click on a stream and make sure that it works, and find new streams if it doesn't. All without you being there. That sounds almost impossible to me.

2/ Find a website which has links to rights-owning television stations which are running a repeat of the race.

I can show you where to find live streams. But that's about it. Maybe there are torrents of recorded races, but that's getting into a piracy area that I avoid.

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