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Question All the sudden "110v reverse negative polarity"

Can this happen all the sudden...!?

So we live on the same house for the last 3.8 years and last night when connecting the cable box coaxial cables I saw sparks, Yes sparks and the box was not even plug to the wall in at the time..

In any case the cable man came today and he tells me we have "reverse negative polarity" in some of the outlets and we need to get them fix before they can replace the fried cable boxes (yes two of them fried at the same time, I guess by been connected to the same coaxial cable)

Is this easy to fix by a clueless guy like me or do we need a call a expert.

Also, how can this polarity change can happen all the sudden...?
we use the same outlets to connect the same appliances for years with out any trouble.

Thanks in advance for the guidance and sorry if is a stupid question, since for me is not..
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