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Originally Posted by Maggot12 View Post
I dare you to find it..

Seriously though, I looked through the posts on the weekend while guzzling some rum. I didn't see anything..

If this thing was so sweet and with all the advers who bought them, I figured youtube would be full of vids. A couple good vids on the net could sell thousands of these things. I could be a buyer as well, but I won't be until proof. I need to put new rubber on when the snow melts which is soon. Guess I'll buy elsewhere.
Post 344 is kentnothstine changing his first tire, a 21". But seriously, this tool is a POS, why anyone would spend 10 bucks, let alone 100 amazes me. I've changed 6 tires with it since December and curse it ever time I use it. You def should buy something else. :-)
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