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Most of the guys like me who carry "stupid survival bullshit" around aren't worried about the zombie apocalypse. We're not scared of a worldwide nuclear meltdown. We're THINKING AHEAD as to what type of situations we put ourselves in that might necessitate the use of some "stupid bullshit" to either make our day a little easier, or (who knows?) save our lives if we're out hiking for a day a few miles outside of town.

If you've never found yourself in a situation where you NEEDED something you didn't have with you, you probably don't belong on an adventure forum.

Personally, I only add shit to my bag when I find myself needing it and don't have it. You've never found yourself REALLY wishing you had a flashlight to find that bolt that rolled away? You've never found yourself on a day hike, only to have it start PISSING down rain on you and thought, "I wish I had something, ANYTHING to toss over me and my gear". Gone to the store on your motorcycle and "Oh, fuck, I need milk too! If I had some extra cord I could grab some. Guess I'll have to make another trip." Never once have you dropped your cell phone and thought "all I need is a little flathead, or a knife or something, and I could pop this sucker back together... damn."

I have used EVERYTHING in that bag at one time or another, save the gun (luckily).

Besides, as a daily rider, I have to have a way to carry shit to work. Lunch, tools, extra clothes, whatever. So if I'm going to carry shit anyways, why not have a few things that might save my ass? Those people who DON'T ride every day probably have stupid bullshit in your car you'll never ever use. That ice scraper in the middle of July? Really? 10,000 gas and grocery store receipts that find their way into the cup holder, glove box, and down on the floor?
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