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Originally Posted by PineyMountainRacing View Post
Post 344 is kentnothstine changing his first tire, a 21". But seriously, this tool is a POS, why anyone would spend 10 bucks, let alone 100 amazes me. I've changed 6 tires with it since December and curse it ever time I use it. You def should buy something else. :-)

Ok... nothing against that poster but still no removal shown and another scratched up raw aluminum dirt bike front wheel installing a 90mm soft rubber tire..
Again, no offense, but a pretty sad video to sell a 600 buck tire changer.

As mentioned, I wouldnt mind sending the distributer the necessary funds but this has to be proven... like some sort of sport bike tire change, both wheels, cold, from start to finish... maybe its too much to ask for someone selling tire changers to actually show changing a tire...

perhaps its only for front wheeled off road tires...

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