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Originally Posted by Maggot12 View Post
Ok... nothing against that poster but still no removal shown and another scratched up raw aluminum dirt bike front wheel installing a 90mm soft rubber tire..
Again, no offense, but a pretty sad video to sell a 600 buck tire changer.

As mentioned, I wouldnt mind sending the distributer the necessary funds but this has to be proven... like some sort of sport bike tire change, both wheels, cold, from start to finish... maybe its too much to ask for someone selling tire changers to actually show changing a tire...

perhaps its only for front wheeled off road tires...
I can't speak for the package with the stand, but the tool, which is about a hundred bucks, does a much nicer job than irons when mounting a tire. If you use it correctly, no metal ever touches the rim. It pushes on the bead of the tire until it drops in, easy peasy. I have a regular changer with a mount/demount bar, kinda like a NoMar, but Are's tyre tool actually works better for mounting on Excel rims, and seems easier when there is a tube involved. But you still have to break the bead (not usually a problem on a tube type tire) and get the old tire off ( I use a couple irons with rim protectors - and I'm pretty picky about scratching rims). I think when Kent did that front, it was 40 degrees in his shop and he didn't use any lube. I've mounted 17, 18, 19 and 21" tires with Are's tool - it's much easier than irons (for the mounting) and no way you can pinch a tube.

If Are was over here, and I didn't have to pay the International shipping, I'd be tempted to buy his stand because it looks really cool. I'd love to see one on action (in person).

Are's really into motocross and motards, I doubt he changes a lot of street bike tires. But from what I've seen, it should work great on pretty much anything, but obviously breaking beads on some tubeliss tires can be a bigger job.
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