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Originally Posted by Mikepotter86 View Post
Thanks for all the advice! I will try a new approach when I next have use of a garage, or when the weather improves.
I use a small electric vacuum pump and a receiver for the fluid. Brake bleeding is incredibly fast zero hassle process. Any brake, any time, anywhere (that has power). This is what shops use, for a reason. I can do a full flush in about 5 minutes and most of that time is getting the pump off the shelf and hooked up. if the system is dry I put on the vacuum first then add the fluid. Gets pushed right through driving any air ahead of it.

I notice MityVac makes vacuum pumps. Vacuum pump and receiver, runs of an air compressor.

This will pull vastly more vacuum than you need but the pric is right and you can play some other games with it (I use a bigger one to preserve food as well as do HVAC work). The easy way to use it would be with a cheapo portable air tank. Evacuate the tank and then use the tank to bleed to a receiver---or you could just work right off the pump into a receiver.

pumps are just getting so cheap there isn't a reason not to have one. it's a tool that makes you happy every time you use it.
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