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Originally Posted by Gaspare View Post
Hi, friends... here you are the wiring diagram of our parallel:

Then, about the lean condition: I've carried out a mod onto IAT (quite similar to booster plug) able to enrich evenly 7% along the whole of the rpm range.
After this, the ECU leaned down again to AFR target thru λ sensor... So, don't think the bike (with OEM muffler & QD headers) is actually crazy lean.
It's simply on the BMW targeted AFR, that's - you're right - anyway clearly below the optimum.
The way is to change this target and design a new baseline, remapping.
Work in progress...
Thank you sir...... Great to have the electrical..... I am looking forward to see your end result. The a/f ratios depicted on the dyno graphs do not tell the whole story. When just driving around on the dyno with live reads..... with headers, and pipe....we were astonished to see up towards 20 a/f..... way too lean

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